Benefits of an Insurance Broker

We've all heard that the only way to get a good deal on your insurance is to shop around. However, talking to multiple insurance companies, imputing the same details over and over again on different websites, and haggling over premiums gets very tiring very quickly. 

Although it may seem simpler to go direct to the insurance company, there are many benefits of using an insurance broker like BestCover Insurance.

Time and Cost-Effective

The goals of any insurance broker is to find the best price for your insurance. All you need to do is tell us what you’re looking for and we shop around different insurance companies on your behalf saving you time and money. Many insurance companies offer deals to brokers so we can get you prices that would otherwise be unavailable to you. We also make sure that you get the appropriate level of cover for the money your pay, so you never have to worry about having inadequate insurance.

Simple & Easy Insurance

Whether it's your insurance renewal or you need to make a claim, your broker will handle everything for you. We liaise directly with the insurance company and handle all paperwork and complications that may arise, reducing stress and minimising any inconvenience for you. Insurance can also be full of complicated jargon that can be difficult to understand. Our brokers will explain things clearly and make sure you have full knowledge of policy details, processes, and requirements.

Impartial Advice

Insurance brokers always have your interest in mind and are not biased towards any individual insurance providers. Our goal is to get you the best insurance policy with suitable cover at a great price. We can offer advice and make recommendations based on your best interests and not the insurance companies. Independent, impartial advice that you can trust is invaluable when finding the right policy for you.

Long-Term Relationships

Insurance brokers work with clients on a long term basis. Even if you change your insurance provider at each renewal, your broker remains the same. This means that we can get to know you properly and develop an in-depth understanding of your insurance needs. Knowing your background and history in detail helps your broker find the perfect policy and cover year after year. Knowing all this allows an insurance broker to tailor a policy to your specific requirements, instead of one size fits all approach.


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