Home Insurance – Contents Cover Vs Buildings Cover

There are three options when it comes to home insurance policies. They are buildings cover, contents cover, or building and contents cover. Different home insurance policies will suit different people, depending on their home, lifestyle and needs. Here we discuss the difference between all three policies so that our customers can make the best decision for their situation. 

Home Buildings Cover

Buildings Insurance covers the actual physical building and structure of your home from damage caused by fire, flood, water and other hazards like malicious damage and vandalism. This also includes fixtures such as doors, windows, roof and walls. A buildings cover policy should include other fittings that you could not take with you if you were to move, for example, the kitchen, bathroom, shed or garage. A comprehensive policy will insure you for the full cost to repair or rebuild any of the covered structures.

Home Contents Cover

Contents Insurance covers your personal belongings against theft, vandalism, or damage from flood, fire or water. This includes items like clothes, jewellery, electronics, furniture, art or anything that you could take with you if you were to move. With a contents policy, you are insured for the full cost of replacing these items. To guarantee a comprehensive policy and adequate cover you should have your personal belongings valued and assessed before purchasing the policy. Otherwise, you could be left out of pocket should you need to make a claim.

Buildings and Contents Cover

Buildings and Contents Insurance is basically a combination of both policies and will cover both the physical structure of your home as well as all of your personal belongings and items. This is the most comprehensive home insurance policy and offers complete protection and coverage from potential damage or loss. For an accurate policy you should have both your home and personal items valued. While this may seem like the ideal home insurance policy it is not necessary for everyone to take out a buildings and contents policy.

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