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The Difference Between Car Insurance and Van Insurance

You may be forgiven for thinking that car insurance and van insurance were very similar policies. Both involve a vehicle being driven on the road. Both policies can include both vehicle and driver protection. Both policies are compulsory. 

However, there are a number of differences between the two. In fact, van insurance provides more cover in their policies but also take extras into consideration when calculating the premium.

Vehicle Contents

When insuring a car there is generally not a great need to cover contents and belongings kept in the car, especially if you only use the car for social and domestic purposes. This is not the case when it comes to van insurance. The majority of van owners will keep their tools and their business equipment and materials in their vans. These tools are usually very expensive and can take years to accumulate meaning that it is of great importance for these items to be covered by the insurance policy.

Fleet Policies

Companies that provide cars or vans to their employees can avail of fleet insurance. However, with car fleet insurance, there is usually only one driver per car and their name will be on the insurance policy. But with van fleet insurance, multiple employees may drive the same van and swap vehicles depending on their shift. This makes providing named drivers much more difficult and there are certain protocols and processes in place to account for this when undertaking van insurance

Vehicle Specifications

When calculating the premium for insurance, both car and van policies will consider the specifications of the vehicle. For car insurance this means the make and model of the car, the engine size, and if any modifications have been made. Van insurance will include all of these in addition to the shape and size of the van as well as the capacity of the vehicle. Larger vans with a greater capacity and a bigger engine will inevitably be more expensive to insure than smaller models.

BestCover Insurance Meath

As experienced and expert insurance professionals, we have unrivalled knowledge of the intricacies of vehicle insurance. Our team is always on hand for advice and policy recommendations. Get in touch and speak to one of our team members today. Phone: 01 2546146 email:

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