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What is Covered by Home Insurance

We all know how important your home is. It's where we live, raise our families, make memories, keep our belongings, and so much more. So it's essential that you have the proper protection in place if something goes wrong.

Home Insurance is essential for any homeowner. There are different types and levels of home insurance available depending on your needs. While every home insurance policies and what they cover will vary between insurance companies there are some standards that every home insurance policy will cover.

Buildings Cover

Buildings Insurance covers the actual physical building and structure of your home. Benefits typically include:

Alternative Accommodation

Debris Removal Costs

Architects/Surveyors Fees

Purchases Interest

Service Pipes and Cables

Breakage of fixed Glass and Sanitary Fittings

Clean up Expenses

Door Locks Replacement

Fire Brigade Charges

Public Liability

Title Deeds

Contents Cover

Contents Insurance covers your personal belongings. Benefits typically include:

Audio and Audio-Visual Equipment

Christmas and Wedding Gifts

Fraudulent Use of Credit/Debit/Charge/Cheque or

Cash Cards

Freezer and Refrigerator Contents

Contents in the Open

Household Removal

Temporary Removal of Property

Title Deeds

Visitors and Guests’ Property

Home Office Equipment


Loss of Oil

Building & Contents Cover

Buildings and Contents Insurance is a combination of both policies and will cover both the physical structure of your home and your personal belongings. Benefits typically all of the above in addition to:

Fire, Explosion, Lightning, Earthquake and



Storm and flood

Freezing, Escape or Overflow of Water

Escape or Overflow of Oil from within any Plumbing or Heating System or Fixed Domestic Appliance

Stealing (or Attempted Stealing)

Impact by Aircraft, Aerial Devices or Articles Dropped from them, Rail Vehicles, Road Vehicles or Animals

Falling Trees and Branches

External Television/Radio Aerials, Masts and Satellite Dishes

Riot, Civil Commotion, Strikers, Locked-Out

Workers or Persons Taking Part in Labour Disturbances

Malicious damage and Vandalism

Subsidence or Heave of the Site

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