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How to Get Cheaper Car Insurance

In recent years, the price of car insurance has skyrocketed in Ireland. There are many reasons for this and we could spend hours discussing these in great detail. However, that would not change the situation. No matter the reason, everyone is feeling the pinch when it comes to car insurance and there is not much we can do about the rise in premiums. 

What we can do, however, is take certain steps and measures that will lower our insurance premiums and save us money.

Use the Right Job Title

It might sound strange but how you describe yourself professionally can impact your car insurance premium. For example "kitchen staff" pay lower premiums than "chefs, as so "office administrators" compared to "office managers" and "builders" compared to "construction workers". It can be worth doing some research and experimenting with your job title in order to see how your premium is affected. However, we must warn you against lying about your role as this will nullify your insurance and counts as fraud.

Add a Named Driver

This may seem counter-intuitive, but adding one or more named drivers to your car insurance policy can lower your premium. An experienced driver with a clean driving licence and a decent no claims history reflects well on you and many insurers will offer a discount for each named driver you add. This is particularly beneficial for young drivers and if possible, we highly recommend adding your parents to your policy.

Pay Upfront

It is always cheaper to pay your car insurance premium in one lump sum then spreading it across multiple payments. Insurance companies charge interest on monthly payment so you could save yourself a few hundred euro by paying the total premium upfront. We understand that not everybody will have the means to do so but if you can afford to pay the full premium at the time of purchase we highly recommend you do so.

Shop Around

Staying with your current provider simply because it is easier or less hassle will not save you money. There could be another insurance company out there who can offer you're a better quote and the only way to find out is to shop around. If you want to save yourself some time you can use an insurance broker you will shop around on your behalf in order to find you the cheapest car insurance policy that suits your needs.

BestCover Insurance Meath

As an insurance broker, it is our job to find you the cheapest car insurance policy. We have over 15 insurance providers on our books and have a large selection of policies to choose from in order to find you the best deal possible. For more information get in touch with one of our team members today.

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